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Ultraviolet Water Filtration

Ultraviolet Water Filtration

Ever wondered if there was some way to filter water, no nasty chemicals or salt hassle required? Culligan has been on the front lines of breakthrough technology like ultraviolet filtration for generations, and we’re laborious at work expanding on the technology that permits us to supply effective filtration for each kind of need.

How Ultraviolet Systems Work

UV disinfection has been used for many years in numerous capacities once the bactericidal properties of daylight were discovered. It wasn’t long before this naturally occurring development was controlled to focus specific spectrums of ultraviolet light toward eliminating harmful microorganisms like microorganisms, viruses, and sure pathogens from water.

In general, {uv|ultraviolet|ultraviolet radiation ultraviolet lightweight ultraviolet illumination|UV|actinic radiation actinic ray} light is applied through a combination of gas applied with a voltage that makes the specified disinfecting wavelength. this is all contained in, typically, a quartz sleeve that water passes through during the disinfection method. ultraviolet light can, once properly applied, eliminate most of the leading causes of waterborne health problems like:

  • Cryptosporidium
  • Giardia,
  • Salmonella
  • E.Coli

Benefits of actinic radiation Treatment

Using extremist violet treatment will accompany a range of advantages:

  • Low maintenance,
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • No treatment by-products like salt
  • No chemicals (chlorine etc.)
  • No modification to taste, smell or look of water

Will it Work for My Water?

Well, water usually has the best risk for carrying or containing protozoa like giardia owing to the supply for groundwater contamination and/or runoff, therefore whereas it may be helpful for those victimization municipal water, there is usually additional want for those served by wells.

What’s additionally necessary to know regarding actinic radiation water treatment is that it is only effective in water that’s already largely pure. as an example, dissolved sediment and minerals like iron, manganese, and sulfur will impact how effectively ultraviolet exposure renders microorganisms inert. If water is hard, to begin with, pathogens will hide behind iron or sulfur particles, creating the treatment ineffective. In several cases, extremist violet applications are used because they last in an exceedingly series of treatments.

With this in mind, if your water is already soft but you are involved regarding contaminants, actinic radiation treatment is also an ideal resolution. to grasp for sure, it is easy to possess a Culligan Man to check your water and value flow to check if an actinic radiation filter is sensible, or if it ought to be utilized in conjunction with another sort of filtration sort of a chemical.