Reliant RAL XV Commercial RO

  • Four Stage RO water purification system.
  • This RO water purifier machine is a wall-mounted purifier, easy to install.
  • Push – fit components for leak – proof performance
  • Food grade, non – breakable, ABS plastic.

Purification Rate of Reliant RAL Commercial 60

The Reliant RAL Commercial 60 Water Purifier has a super high purification rate of 60 Litres per Hour.

Enjoy 1 Year Warranty and Free Service

Now enjoy 1 Year Warranty, applicable on all Reliant RO Water Purifiers.

4 Stage Water Purification

4 Stage : Pre-Filter, Sediment Filter, Pre-Carbon, RO Membrane.

How 4 Stage Water Purifier Works

Stage 1. Pre-Filter
Removes coarse impurities from water to enhances the life of RO membrane and system.

Stage 2. Sediment Filter
Filtration of impurities such as dust, rust, grid, dirt and sludge from water.

Stage 3. Pre-Carbon
There is an activated carbon filter which filters organic chemicals, agricultural chemicals,
pigments, detergents and chlorine etc. If this is not done then the thin film composite reverse osmosis membranes would be attacked and degraded.

Stage 4. RO Membrane
This removes bacteria. virus, hardness, pesticides, heavy metals & makes water safe for
drinking. (A reverse osmosis filter is conducted to even better quality of water. All the other
different kinds of bacteria and residual impurities are removed through 0.0001 m pore size.)