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Reliant Intrepid TM UV Water Purifier

Five Stage UV water purifier.

This UV water purifier machine is a wall-mounted purifier, easy to install.

Push – fit components for leak – proof performance.

9,990.00 Inc. all Taxes

Technical Specification
Product UV Purifier
Production Capacity 2 L/m (Litre per minute)
Product Dimension 350mm (W) x 125mm (D) x 520 mm (H)
Storage Capacity None
Categories Wall Mount
Input Pressure(min) 0.3 Kg/4.267 PSI
Input Pressure(max) 3 Kg/42.67 PSI
Working Pressure 20 to 150 PSI
Input Supply 220+ 10 VAC 50 HZ
Power Consumption 20 watts
Body Code 300928
Colour White/Black/Cherry
Storage Tank None
Net Weight 3.9Kg
Filter Cartridge 5 Stage: Pre-Filter, Antiscalant, Sediment
Filter, Pre-Carbon.


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